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Private Lessons and Group Classes

about Marla

Hello, my name is Marla Moore. I’ve been teaching now for around 8 years and I believe I have the very best job. I am passionate about helping each student use their instrument with the maximum efficiency and ease. My education includes a BM from Central Michigan University where I received a music scholarship to attend and from there was a Fellowship Recipient to complete my MM from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I continue to educate myself by attending conferences and enrolling in courses as voice science has been really picking up the last few years! The research we now have on how our voices function has really changed the pedagogy game within the last few years and I do my best to stay up to date on new information to best serve the studio.  I keep a healthy performance career and so I continue to take regular private voice lessons with my mentors. I believe its most ethical! I am continuously curious on how to improve the way I speak, sing, and perform which I believe allows me to be an even better resource to students. More specific information on my performance resume and education can be found on my Curriculum Vitae on the about page.

What Do Private lessons consist of?

Lessons usually consist of half technique and half applying the technique to literature. The first half of technical work is exploratory- using many various exercises to find freedom and instill healthy habits. From there we apply the quality and techniques to songs. Songs sung in lessons will be assigned on a case by case basis and determined between Marla and the student to find something best fitting and appropriate for the voice student. Marla tries to land on a couple songs at once and then cycle through them. This prevents frustration and fatigue with a particular song and builds a good repertoire. Students with an interest in musical theatre performance will be required to explore many styles including golden age singing and contemporary music theatre. Those with an interest in classical singing will be required to sing standard art songs in various languages such as those from the 24 italian arias collection and will have additional exercises such as the Marchesi vocal method. Marla is proficient in German, French, and Italian languages which is extremely helpful for art song pronunciation and interpretation. Some students may be interested in exploring both classical and music theatre techniques, this is also encouraged. There is a Musical Theatre Solo and Ensemble as well as a Classical Solo and Ensemble for middle school and high school students! Lessons will be planned and shaped around which events are on the horizon. Not to be forgotten, staging/blocking, stage presence, acting, confidence coaching and audition preparation are all necessary as well and will be coached after musical elements are addressed! 

Perks of being a part of Marla Moore Studios:

· Solo and ensemble support

· Master Classes: Master classes are a great way for us to hear other singers and learn from them! Marla likes to team up with a professional voice teacher and accompanist for a day of learning. This is great for audition preparation to get nerves out and to learn something new from a different instructor! All are encouraged to attend these including parents and peers to support the singers participating.

· Community performance opportunities such as concerts at the Briarwood Mall

· Marla is a member of the American Guild of Music and there is a competition called the Great Lakes Regional Contest each year with many different divisions including pop, music theatre, and classical art song. This year’s competition will be April 17th-19th 2020, in Romulus, MI. and students are encouraged to participate! 

· Recital Opportunity at the end of the year for private voice students


It is expected that each student is committed to growth. Each student will be required to accomplish any tasks written in practice planner. Assignments may include: learning pitches/rhythms, memorization, nailing particular vocal techniques or qualities, reviews of voice professional’s Youtube performances, blocking arias/songs etc. 

It is also an expectation that the singer strives to explore their voices outside of the lessons , if a practice schedule works best for the student, that can be discussed and implemented.  These practice sessions do not need to be long but they need to be deliberate. Sometimes at home I find myself singing while cleaning then realize I’m practicing and run to grab my journal to continue- this is great! Go with it! The practice sessions throughout the week are necessary for gaining consistency of voice control. Like building muscles at the gym- we can’t go once a week and expect great biceps! It takes a while to build a voice. Each week Marla and the student will go through what can be explored in the practice sessions and all will be written down in the practice planner.

Materials required to be brought to each lesson:

· Binder- we will hole punch copies of music to put in this binder to build your “book”

· Practice Planner (provided by Marla)

· Pencil for marking music

· Recording device or Phone with recording app- Listening to ourselves is the FASTEST way to gain awareness. Sometimes we don’t believe it until we hear it!

Make Up Lessons:

One make up lesson is guaranteed to each student per month should the student not make their lesson. This is meant for cases in which the student is absent or ill. Make up lesson times will be determined by Marla’s availability. If student cannot make the makeup times provided, the makeup lesson will not roll past 30days.